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I've been listening to Hunter daily on my way to work since February 2016. He makes the readings come alive and his mini sermon afterwards helps bring it all home for me. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone.

Easy Bible Listening

This is the best way to painlessly listen to the entire bible. I will complete one year this month. You simply set up a time daily, and listen for about 20 minutes. It's great. All your other bible study is just icing on the cake. This way you know you have a balanced reading.

Pastor Hunter does a great teaching

I love listening to God's word every morning through this podcast!

A great way to begin each day!

Hunter Barnes has been blessing our lives by faithfully and delightfully opening the bible each day and reading God's Word to everyone out there on the internet. I would strongly recommend this podcast as a way to start your day.


Great to be able to listen to Gods word while I'm getting ready for work or on my commute. Perfect for busy people. Hunter does a terrific job of making it interesting but not "over-acting" what is written. A short commentary follows that is well thought out.

Daily dose of scripture and devotion.

Hunter brings the Word to life with his animated and boisterous reading of the God's word. He provides insight with the daily commentary that follows. Highly recommended for all!

Amazing, anointed Podcast

The best way to read the whole Bible with understanding and correct doctrine is with a good, anointed leader. Brother Hunter Barnes keeps it simple and plain as he reads and teaches the Holy Bible every single day. He will read the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice all in one year. I have tried others who claimed to read the Bible in a year, but they went off into another topic. Hunter is talented, and he knows the Bible well. He does not water it down. Thank God! What a blessing to have a partner to read the Bible with every day! This podcast is amazing and anointed by God!

Daily Radio Bible

This is a wonderful podcast to include you in the Word and keep you in the spirit. Easy to listen to and a few concise comments to get you thinking at the end. It is worth your time, great rewards for those who want to be close to our Lord and Savior.

Search No More!!

I was just looking for a way to read the entire bible and to try to learn and understand it! After seeing all the stars and great reviews for Daily Radio Bible, I had to try it! That was almost a year ago and it is now an important ritual in my life! It's far more than just listenin to someone read! Try it and you'll be blessed and your heart changed!

Daily walk through the Bible

I am truly enjoying this. A nice, enthusiastic voice takes you on journey through the scriptures.

Love it!!!

I have listened every day for the past couple of months in Doha, Qatar. It is always an encouragement to start my day hearing the word of God. I now have my girlfriend hooked as well as a friend working in Berlin. Keep it up Hunter!!!

Daily radio bible

I listen to this podcast every morning while I am getting ready for my day. It is such an encouraging, grounding way to listen to the word and has gotten me more regularly into scripture. Hunter provides nuggets of encouragement to apply the daily scripture reading. He has a talent for reading in a way that is calming and compelling. I am thankful for this podcast!

Highly recommended!

Spending time in the word is so easy now because I can hear it from a voice that is not computerized. The sections are small enough that I can listen as I get ready in the morning and still have spent time in the word like I was trying to. I feel like I am a part of a community and that we are all trying to attain a similar goal of spending time with God through the word.


This is the best all round Bible App I have found. I enjoy listening and reading along daily

Love it!

Hear the word with a talented reader. Great way to start the day!

Daily Radio Bible is highly recommended

Thank you Hunter and your team for this podcast and for your commitment to delivering the Good News to the four corners of the earth!

Perfect Choice

This is just the daily bible reading app I was looking for. Hunter has a very expressive reading voice (but not weird like a shakespearean actor) and his pacing and pausing allows for comprehension. He uses the NLT version which I prefer for something like this: clear easy to understand english, but translated with good scholarship so you know you are getting an orthodox message. Also, he provides just the right amount of commentary at the end - just highlighting the important point without getting into any specific denominational doctrine. Overall a very positive and encouraging way to start your day!

A life changer

This podcast has been a definite blessing into life.

Listen to this podcast!

God is using Hunter in a wonderful way to bring His word to us daily!

Daily Radio Bible

Thank you Hunter for sharing this ministry of reading the Bible each day. I look forward to it and am sharing with others what I have found!

Truth delivered daily

This podcast is the Word of God read by a faithful servant of Christ. It has inspired me to undertake my own journey through the Word every day. Thank you and God bless.

The Best

I have searched and searched for a bible reading podcast for a few years. I always came up with ones that were either read by people who had thick English accents (nothing wrong with English accents, just sayin'), or, who really could not read that well (reading may not be their gift, nothing wrong with that, again...just sayin'), or read in a professional announcers voice (made the reading very dry and lifeless). Hunter reads in a very clear simple "human" way. There is a short word of encouragement at the end of the reading which is based on the reading. These are fantastic. No personal opinions here, no political opinions, just the word of God. How wonderfully refreshing!!! Yes, listening to this podcast on a regular basis will change your life because you are listen to the word of God with no distractions from the person reading it. Thank you Hunter - Bob P.

Daily Radio Bible

This is a wonderful podcast. Enjoyable time spent in God's word.

Simply Awesome!

Best App ever! Thank you God for Hunter and his dedication to bring the word to us all.

Include these podcasts in your daily time with Jesus!

Just discovered this podcast site. Spirit-filled reading of the Bible now a part of my daily conversation with God.

Daily Radio Bible

Love the Podcast, easy to listen to. No time to read you need this. Thanks for your work

Daily Radio Bible

Hunter has a wonderful ministry; listening to God's Word is a wonderful way to start the day. RJ

Great Bible podcast

Such a great way to spend time in Gods word, especially if you don't have time to sit and read it. Perfect for your commute, or when you're making dinner, or even during your workout! Hunter does an awesome job and his mini messages at the end are always encouraging. So glad I found this podcast!

Very helpful

I find this very podcast and it's app to be very helpful. I have double vision that is sometimes makes it hard for me to read the Bible and Hunter reads it in a way that share the peace of the GOD.

Hunter Barnes

I just want to thank you for your commitment to your listeners by reading the Word to us every day. Thank you for offering a prayer today for the 21 martyred and thank you for the way you speak about the Word. God bless you and yours Hunter.