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Fantastic way to start every day!

It's easy to get a jumpstart on the day with this first dose of God's Word--spoken in my ears. I'm very grateful for this servant and his podcast.

Worth your time!

This podcast is fantastic! Hearing God's Word daily will change your life and this helps you do just that! I recently had to abstain from computers, reading, and TV for a while, doctors orders, and what a blessing it was to still be able to listen to the Word and be encouraged regularly. The focus is always on the Word, which is so powerful in itself, but the short commentary at the end is always well worth the wait too! You will sense the voice of the Holy Spirit illuminating new truths and speaking to your heart as Pastor Hunter reads with great expression. It also gives a great sense of community as you realize you are journeying through the greatest Book in history with people all over the world, in a way that makes you feel like you're sitting down for a chat over coffee with an old friend. You owe it to yourself to check it out and then share it with a friend - you'll be glad you did!

Hunter my dear Friend

Thank you Lord for this Godly man, the very sound of his voice brings me warmth. I heard your devotion today Hunter, and remembered when you told me " Alejandro your really doing it " with tears of joy running down my face as I write this. You have no Idea what God did thru your compliment & validation... You put fire to my already high flame of condiment & Love for Christ and man... All I can say is Thank you & I Love you, and miss you Bro ... Alejandro AKA Hallelujah Man 🙌 Call me my Brother 917-399-0455

I like it

Good podcast .