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We never miss it!

I'm always amazed at the CLOSE attention my kids pay to this for the entire 20 minutes! They are only 5 years old, 2, and 1 and none of them will cry or babble or do anything but listen. My 5 year old will literally ask me to put this show on each day, and he'll even ask me questions about the things he hears through the readings! I've recommended this to my family and to the wonderful women at my Bible study group who have also begun listening and now they don't go a day without it either! This show is such a huge blessing to be in God's word in such a way that feels so organic. I pray that the Lord would continue to bless Hunter and Heather, surround them with support and love, and protect them from the evil one always! Bless their marriage and all the things their hands touch.

Daily Blessing

Daily Blessing

Your new cover picture

I have been listening to your podcast since your ministry at ZCC in Zarephath NJ. As you mentioned on NYE, some of us have been more in the Bible than ever before... This is true for me. While I never could get through the "whole thing," I have enjoyed your daily podcast, and all its changes, updates, additions, and now your adorable cover photo of you and Heather. Now, I see you have also included Psalms and Proverbs- I love it. And I am excited to start this Year fresh with you and Heather from the beginning! I have your podcast on with my morning coffee. Now, instead of listening whenever I can, including plugging you into my speakers of the car and "binge-listening" to catch up, You start my day. Your words are absolutely true- We are letting God spend his time On Us. Words cannot express how your daily readings and devotionals after each day has fed my soul, and reminded me every day about God's love. Thank you Hunter and Heather for doing this, and never missing a beat!! Without fail, your podcast is ready to go, as soon as I open the app. In a word Inspirational! Much love and blessings.

Short and sweet great for kids

This is my 3rd year of homeschooling. Your podcast is one that is being incorporated this year. Kids have been having a great time listening and using there imagination. You have a great voice so they listen better than if I were to read it to them. Thanks so much for this!

The best start to my day.

This is my 2nd year of starting my day with Hunter and Heather. It feels like a community and I'm listening to a friend. You can't go wrong with any of the podcasts. I wish I found the DRB sooner.

Love Daily Radio

Thank you Hunter, I so love and appreciate going through the Scriptures each morning with you. May God richly bless you and your family.

The Bread of life

It is very well done, love the expression and feeling given to the words by both Hunter and Heather, The word feeds my inner being each day and gives me hope and strength. Really enjoy the commentary of the deeper truths revealed in Christ Jesus!

Wonderful Ministry/Podcast

I’ve been listening to the Daily Radio Bible since January 1st, 2015, and it immediately became a bright spot in my morning routine; something I look forward to when I first wake up each morning. Whether I am in the car, or just sitting alone with a cup of coffee in the early morning hours, the refreshing 20 minutes or so that I spend listening to Hunter or Heather reading the Bible are a perfect stepping stone into a new day, and a great prompt to morning prayer. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is either already a Christian, or is curious about Christianity and what the Bible really says. Lol. I’d even recommend this for people that hate Christianity, and just want to “know their enemy” better! All Hunter and Heather do is just read straight from the Bible, and give a small explanation/reflection on some of what they read about at the end. I’d give 6 stars if I could.

I'm at peace

I look forward to your reading of the living word of God every morning. It has brought me some peace since my mom passed last month. I recommend anyone who feels the touch of God's love to listen and rejoice!!

My day begins

My day begins with the word of our Lord. Hunter and Heather read the Bible with passion and love and share insight to each word that gives me clarity and love for God our father 😍🙏🏼. Thank you💝

New Podcasts

Thank you so much for migrating to new podcast with introduction of. Daily Lectionary. Initially difficult to know where our Journey podcast was but after couple of days saw it in Podcast Library together with Daily Radio Bible.. It’s amazing and so user friendly. Continue the good work in Jesus glorious name.

Has become a part of my life

My day doesn't feel complete unless I start it with this podcast. Hunter is the best coach to keep you in God's word all year long and the reading plan he uses is great. Try it for a week you will not be disappointed. I wish the Journey podcast was a separate feed.

2nd year, daily listener review

Daily routines are important; few more important than starting each day rightly with nourishment for both mind and heart. Come, join us. Listen as Hunter and Heather read (2-4 Bible chapters; takes around 20 mins) to us each day. I usually read along, as the podcast reads aloud. But occasionally, I close my eyes and just listen … each podcast is well read, friendly, intimate, and satisfies my desire to start each day in Gods Word.

Great Bible Reading

It is a great podcast, Hunter & Heather do a good job of sharing the scriptures with their wise commentary at the end of each reading.

A morning blessing

It’s a beautiful way to start your day, thank you for the word.

Blessed by Hunter and Heather’s broadcast

This broadcast has been so wonderful for me! Hunter and Heather read the Bible with true feelings and I am so inspired by it every day. I am reminded of God’s greatness every time I hear their readings. May the Lord bless the Barnes’ and their ministry.


Listening to the daily radio bible everyday lifts up my soul to God and affirms my true faith in Him through His word. It blesses me daily. Thank you.

Delightful listening!

Such an encouraging way to listen to, reflect upon and apply Scripture

General Review for the podcast

Daily Bible Radio is a daily bread for my sole!

Daily Radio Bible is a Daily Blessing

I love hearing God's Word daily. Both Hunter and Heather read beautifully and I love what Hunter shares about God's Word and their lives. It is a blessing to me and my husband. Thank you!

Wonderful companion

Thankful for Hunter’s ministry. I enjoy his companionship as I start a new day in God’s words. Thank you and I praise God for all He is doing through this ministry.

Receive God’s love

Excellent way to read through the Bible and receive God’s love

Daily Nourishment of Body, Soul and Spirit

Very refreshing, Inspirational and fulfilling. This daily ministration points us to the Living word which is Jesus Christ. This is not a religious thesis but the Holy Spirit ministration from the throne of Grace and Mercy. Brother Hunter and wife are mere tools refined for this purpose of global evangelism

Stop Starving

Hi Hunter, I trust that you are doing well and enjoying the Summer. I was blessed by your reading of the Bible this morning on my way to the Gym. Your explanation regarding a famine for the word of God is very revealing. It has further confirmed my assumption of Biblical illiteracy in our country and the need for Shepherds to feed the flock that is entrusted to them. Keep up the great work my friend, many are being blessed by your ministry of the word through the daily reading of the Bible. Blessings, Francis

Daily Walk in the Word

I've been listening to the Daily Radio Bible podcast for over 5 years and have found that my day feels incomplete if I don't get my time in the word with Hunter, Heather, and crew. The episodes are ~20 minutes long, contain a reading from both the Old and New Testaments, and are followed by a devotional that ties it all together. If you are looking for a way to hold yourself accountable to being in the word and perhaps "reading" the bible in a year, there is no better way than the DRB.

DRB adults and Kids

My favorite podcast! This podcast is a blessing, it brings me peace, fills up my cup and revives my spirit!

Refreshingly Glorious

Daily as I live, often as I breathe, (from the words of the songwriter) I key into this podcast to connect to the True God, Abba Father who unlocks His plan and purposes for my life and that of my loved ones on a daily basis. May you receive abundant grace as you continue to share God.s love and mercy unto the uttermost part of the earth. Like you usually say when you sign off daily, I say “Remember that you’re loved”

Thank you Jesus! 🙏🏾

I have enjoyed the podcast emincly. This is my first time reading the Bible in one year. Hunter is a great teacher and I am blessed to have found this podcast.

True blessing

What can I say about this podcast? The Bible is confusing and mysterious... full of Love if you know how to look. That’s what our brother Hunter does ( and Heather on Sundays). He reads the Bible to us making it more understandable and relatable. For many years, I had the goal to read the Bible all the way through. I would get halfway through February and stop. It was so overwhelming. This is my third year through! Thank you Hunter and Heather for making this your ministry. Every day spent in the Word of God is good! Just jump right in and join us! You are loved!

Makes my day Blessed

Every morning I have to listen to the podcast to give me the confidence to head out and count on the Lord's blessings throughout the day. I really appreciate the wonderful work that you are doing to to transmit God's word to the world. God Bless you and your work.