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The DRB Family is alive and prosperous

As we like to say in the Army, OUTSTANDING! That’s how I describe the DRB family. Each day we gather to hear Pastor Hunter read God’s Word and as Hunter like to say “have God’s Word read us.”

I’m reading the Bible!

Thank you to Hunter for allowing me to start each day listening to the Bible. I’ve been listening this entire year. It’s become a comforting part of my daily routine. By the end of the year I will have listened to the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise I intend to listen next year too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Deanne McBeath- New Jersey.

Best Bible Reading App!

This is the best app to get into God’s Word! Pastor Hunter has such a heart for the Word and his devotionals after are so relatable and applicable to your life. There is no extra talk and opinion in this app... no banter filled with theological opinion and bla bla bla... it’s all about God’s Word!! You can go on a journey, your own journey with God, as Pastor Hunter reads from the Bible. That’s what makes this app so special, not only are you in the WORD, but you are in it with the Holy Spirit and you grow from it. My fiancé and I listen to it as we are living long distance and it gives us something to share together, that’s special too!!

So Good

Daily Radio Bible is food for the soul. After listening you totally feel nourished and satisfied. Hunter is the best. So good in so many ways. Can't recommend this podcast enough.

A wonderful addition to my day

This podcast feels like a sweet cup of coffee. Pure word of God, relaxing music, short devotional, and the necessary reminder that I am loved, each and every day. I’m so blessed by this podcast. It’s the first one I listen to each day.

Hunter keeps you engaged

The DRB is so different from other bible in year podcasts I’ve tried. Hunter is passionate about the reading which keeps me focused on what he is saying. Highly recommended!

Thank you Hunter and Heather

I have read the Bible through three or four times always trying to find a different version or way to do it. Hunter has it baked fresh (read live!) for me every day on his podcast and it is just what I needed. I love his voice and I love his comments at the end. I love his faithfulness and obvious love for the Lord. Oregon UPDATE: 08/07/2018 I’m still with you everyday with a little stumble on the weekend sometimes. I’m listening using my google home mini and to just so nice and convenient for someone like me! Today was so gooood! I was blind but now I see and I sure do remember that! Thank you Jesus!

Love, love, love it

I've just started listening to the Daily Radio Bible 2 weeks ago and I genuinely look forward to getting each day's podcast. Sometimes I'll listen through twice if I start early enough in my commute. Getting God's word into me before I set about my work is a great blessing. Hunter has a great radio voice and is very listenable. I highly recommend for anyone looking to hear more of God's word. Thank you Hunter for your work!

My favorite app EVER

I have been a faithful listener to the Daily Radio Bible for over 2 years now and I so look forward to hearing it every morning. The length of the readings are perfect for me and Hunter’s commentary is brief but meaningful. Hunter has a beautiful reading voice which makes listening an even more joyful experience!

Easy on the Ears

Daily Radio Bible is a wonderful ministry that makes it easier to fit the Word into your day. Hunter’s voice is perfectly suited for these readings. Great listen!

Scripture comes to life

A fantastic podcast that brings God's Word to life with an emphasis that you are loved by God. It is an avenue to flood your daily life with the full Word of God. It is a journey you will never regret taking as it tackles both the sweetness of God's love and the harsh reality of sin in this world.

The highlight of my early morning.

To be in God’s word, had changed the way I hear the Lord. I look forward to getting in it with Hunter every day. Always applicable, always encouraged.

Encouragement, wisdom, and strength for your day.

As a busy mom of 3 kids listening to this podcast as I commute, do chores, or get ready for the day feeds my soul, calms my heart, and gives me encouragement for the day ahead of me. If I could give it 10 stars I would.

So simple, yet so profoundly powerful

I have listened to the Bible on DRB more times than I can remember. In the car, on a run, or just at home with a cup of coffee. The ability to hear the words come alive is so much easier for me than reading. Thank you for this wonderful way to stay connected to the truth of the Word!

100% recommended

I really like it, I’ve been using it recently and I absolutely recommend it. Great Job

Great. Inspirational.

I recommend this app or podcast to anyone I meet that is interested in diving into the Bible daily. This isn't just a rinse-and-reuse Bible reading; Pastor Hunter does a fresh reading every day. That is the greatness of this. Hunter presses forward with discipline and enthusiasm, reading the Bible every day while inviting us to join him in his charge. And that invitation is always open, whether you miss a day, week, month, or are just starting in the last week of December. The journey through the Bible is always moving forward while still accepting passengers to come aboard. Give it a try

ZCC Member

This podcast has brought me deeper into the word of God than any other daily reading plan that I have tried. Hunter has an amazing way of bringing the word alive as he speaks it. I love the correlations from the Old Testament and the New Testament - really helping me see what God's plan has been all along and how it has been fulfilled just as was foretold.

Most helpful in getting my life in order

Everyday I learn something new about this wonderful God we follow. Thanks Hunter

Just what I look for!

Other podcasts read with background music, which i don't like since it can be distracting. But this podcast don't have it, the absence allow me to hear the words and absorb the meaning of the Bible better. Please keep up the good work!

Painless and consistent

As I get ready for my day, I listen to Scripture being read, so that I feel I am able to get the Word in me somehow. It’s not a substitute for reading and carefully meditating on the Word, but it helps me listen to God on a daily basis.

A Gem of a Find

Now here is a gem of a find. "God's Word baked fresh". Hunter is a master story teller faithfully telling the Master's story. His ability to read the Bible dramatically and boil the story down to its essence and deliver it in a folksy down to earth manner has brought new life to these old bones of mine. Each time I listen, I feel as if I'm comfortably seated in a high backed leather chair waiting with anticipation. Waiting till the very end. And waiting for tomorrow's read.

Refreshing & Simple

The DBR podcast has been a joy to discover. You will hear the entire Bible within a year in small portions each day. A wonderful part of my day! Hunter does a fantastic job with his brief thoughts at the end.

Thank you so much!!

You rock! Thanks for reading this daily for us :) keep it up!

Great daily podcast to start your day

I've been listening Brian for about 17 months now it became clear that His podcast are well organized and indeed spoken it's the first thing I do to start the day put the radio for my daily walk with God. Great job keep up and God bless

Daily Radio Bible

I have found The Daily Radio Bible to be so much more than I imagined it to be. It ministers to my heart,my hurts, my joys, and my needs in every way. I am so thankful for this faithful servant of the Living God who gives of his time and energy to help us follow through the reading of God's Word every day. Thank you Pastor Hunter, may God bless you and your family in every way possible. I fully agree with everything in the Bible. I am so blessed by it and I look forward to following along with you everyday. May God add HIS blessings to everyone who is seeking Him and who is obediently reading His Word! Praises to Jesus Forever! Jacki

Stay Focused

I read the portion as Hunter reads it aloud to me. This helps me stay focused on the Word, for my mind tends to wander. This podcast is a true blessing. Come and dine!

great way to spend time in the Word

This is one of the best ways to keep yourself in the Word on a daily basis. Hunter shows up EVERY day and always provides sound biblical principles. Thanks Hunter!

Great Start to the Day

As someone who commutes at least 2 hours a day, this podcast is exactly what I need to get my daily time in the word. It allows me to spend time in the word, and Hunter's commentary at the end really helps answer questions I might have or at least sends me in the right direction for deeper study. Thank you so much for this podcast, I need it everyday!

Living Color

I have heard and read the Bible many times on the web and in my own Bible. Sometimes it has seemed a little dusty, dry, and in black-and-white, and for another time, like an old black-and-white movie. The Lord has now presented it to me, though this podcast, in a message for our times and our experiences, and in beautifully alive, Living Color.

Let the Word take some time on us!

I cannot express what a blessing this Podcast is to our family and ministries. This is no monotone anti-climatic reading, Hunter brings it alive with his extraordinary articulation, enthusiasm and expression of the Word. Our schedules alternate weekly so sometimes I'm listening to the Word (as read by Hunter) while taking my daughter to school. Sometimes it's sitting on the couch with my wife. Sometimes it's alone on my commute to/from work. Either way, it blesses our hearts and charges us up like a daily energizer! We've been listening for over 1/2 a year now. Thank you Hunter and Heather for being obedient to the Lord and producing such a great work.