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Sept. 18, 2020

September 18th, 20

September 18th, 20

Daily Radio Bible Podcast


Today’s readings are Ezekiel 47 – 48 and Luke 2.  We are reading from the New Living Translation.

Luke tells us she stored it up in her heart – the fright and the promise. She didn’t dismiss it, explain it away, or try to impose her own agenda upon it.  In faith, she simply stored it there, resting and trusting that God had a plan, that she was seen, known, and loved.  She stored it there, believing that God’s word would not fail.  Mary was simply a willing vessel for God. She stored it up in her heart when the shepherds came and sought her out, in her makeshift lodging. They had come to tell her about the angel and angel choir, and the declaration that this child was the One they were all waiting for.  She tucked that away in her heart, like you would store away food or money for a long long journey.  She was planning ahead.  When she took Jesus to the temple and the two prophets, Simeon and Anna, spoke over this child and over them, she stored it away. She was told her child would be a sign from God, but that many would oppose him.  The prophet told her that the deepest thoughts of many hearts would be revealed, and a sword would pierce her very soul.  All this, she stored away in her heart.  She knew these things would mean something to her in the days ahead.  


When Jesus was 12 years old, he stayed behind in the temple for three days, without his parents even knowing, teaching the teachers, and insisting that he had to be in his father’s house.  Mary could not make sense of this, but she stored it in her heart.  This was not a problem to be solved, but it was a mystery to be revealed.  She was trusting that God had her heart, and had seen her and favored her.  And she believed that, in time, his time, God’s heart and plan for her and her son – and the Shepherds – and Simeon – and Anna – and all who would believe, would be made known.  It would become crystal clear.  God’s salvation for all who believe, would be revealed.  


What are you storing in your heart?  Do you know, like Mary, that God has seen and favored you?  Are you willing to let God be God in you?  If you do, you will begin to store life’s pains and promises in your heart – not running from them, trying to explain them away, or trying to imposing your own agenda upon them. You will begin to simply store it all in your heart, in faith, resting in Him, trusting that God’s got this.  


Know that you are seen and known and loved.  That will make all the difference.  Mary stored all this up in her heart, the pain and the promise.  She was willing to let God be God.  She was but a vessel, a servant, waiting to see what God would do.  


Be available to Him today, resting and willing – trusting that God sees, knows and loves you.