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Sept. 11, 2020

September 12th, 20

September 12th, 20

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

 Our Shepherd is Here

Today’s readings are Ezekiel 33 – 35 and Revelation 18.  We are reading from the New Living Translation.

There’s a Shepherd going through the great city of Babylon.  Babylon is a picture of man’s best attempt at making a world and a life apart from God.  Babylon, named after the tower of Babel, was a place where man desired to reach the heavens with the work of his own hands.  A great tower ascended into the sky, in a futile attempt to transcend earth and pierce the heavens – to be like God, without God.  God put an end to that project.  But that hasn’t stopped it from happening again, and again. We are intoxicated with the spirit of Babylon.  We seek to transcend ourselves apart from God.  We build monuments to the self, trying to pierce the sky with the work of our hands.  But it only pierces us in the end.  

Over and over again, towers rise and towers fall.  Kingdoms come and kingdoms go.  But all during that time there is a Shepherd walking through the streets of Babylon, quietly gathering his flock. They are a flock of the powerless – seduced, ravaged, pierced by their own folly, and made low in wicked Babylon. They know the pain and folly of building a tower to the self.  They’ve turned their back on Babylon, and instead, are turning to follow this Good Shepherd. He’s walking through Babylon even today, and he’s gathering all who are his.   He’s leading them outside the city, to green pastures and quiet waters.  He has them there in his care, until that coming day, the day Ezekiel saw, when Babylon – all the many Babylons – will be no more.  Then this Good Shepherd, who many saw and followed, and many missed or ignored – will be seen for who He is.  He is the king of Kings and Lord of Lord.  He will establish his people – his Flock –  in his new city, the New Jerusalem. The sheep will have found their home.  

There is a Shepherd walking the streets of Babylon, even today.  He’s gathering up people who were once intoxicated by the lie of Babylon, but now they hear a different voice. They hear a Shepherd calling them, and they are following him into life.  There is a coming day when Babylon will be no more.  But the King will remain and set up his new kingdom.  And we will be citizens in the Kingdom of our God.


Heed the Voice of the Shepherd walking through the streets of Babylon, and follow him.