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Oct. 6, 2020

October 6th, 20

October 6th, 20

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

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Today’s readings are Ezra 7 – 8 and Luke 20.  We are reading from the New Living Translation.

Ezra is leading an exodus. As Moses led the people of israel into the promised land, Ezra is leading an exodus out of Babylon.  He’s going home.  For 70 years the Israelites  were held captive in Babylon.   Now the tide has turned. God has once again shown himself strong.  The kings of the day are now bowing in deference to the God of Israel. They‘re actually paying for their subjects to leave.  The theme of exodus is perhaps the most profound and significant theme that we read throughout the Scriptures. God is performing a grand exodus, taking people from the kingdom of this world into the kingdom of our God.  When God’s gracious hand of deliverance is  on his people, nothing can stop him. It may take some time, but when the tide of God’s mercy has shifted, when the flood comes in, there’s nothing that will stop it.  The gracious hand of God was always upon Ezra, but now it is evident for all to see. Ezra was trusting, faithful and obedient, long before King Artaxerxes had his change of heart and decided to send the exiles back home.  

Jesus, too, is leading an exodus and he is far greater than Moses or Ezra.  God’s gracious hand was certainly on his son, Jesus.  The father exclaimed on multiple occasions, This is my Son, whom I love (Mt 3:17 NIV).

People of every tribe, nation, and language, from every place on planet earth, are being led out in an exodus, into life in Him.  The destination is ultimately the same for all of us.  We’re all heading back to Jerusalem – a new kingdom with our new king, our liberator, Jesus – greater than Moses or Ezra –  leading us back home. And when the tide of God’s mercy shifts, there’s nothing that can stop that flood. We’re heading back home, my friends.  There may be days of great confusion and heartache and lots of questions.  But, rest assured, we are heading back home.  God is leading a grand exodus of all those who trust in him, who’ve found life in him, through the Son.  

God’s gracious hand is upon Him and if we are in Him than that gracious hand is upon us too.  It becomes more and more evident in our lives the more we set our hearts toward home, the more we arrange our lives around that exodus that God is performing in the world.  


So let’s set our hearts toward Home.  This world is not our home. We’re heading back to the Holy Land – the land of promise.  We’re heading back with our Liberator, our Priest, our King- the King of Kings.  And there’s nothing that will turn back the tide of his mercy, his Gospel, and his grace.  It’s moving out, shifting, and drawing people in with the flood of his love.

Fix your heart on the exodus today, and on going Home.  Arrange your heart in that direction and experience the gracious hand of your God. It will be evident.   Be swept up in the tide of his mercy and love, and know his gracious hand on your life today.