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Oct. 28, 2020

October 28th, 20

October 28th, 20

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

 From Death to New Life

Job 20 and Mark 3 - 4

A leaf blade pushes through.  We don’t know how it happens but it happens. The word is planted by a farmer, we’re told.  The seed of God’s word is thrown out into the soil and whether that farmer sleeps or gets up, that soil, combined with God’s word, over time, is about to create something new.  That seemingly dead seed, the result of a dying plant, that has been thrown out into the field, has somehow landed on good soil.  And somehow a leafblade is about to push through to new life.  That which was once dead is about to breakforth into life.

Jesus tells this story, and he says it’s a story that we have to understand if we’re going to know anything about him, if we’re going to have the secrets about the Kingdom and of Life revealed to us.  He’s telling us to pay close attention to the farmer and this seed.  The seed must die.  If it doesn’t die it will remain alone.  It will be nothing more than just a seed.  But if it dies it will produce many others - some 30, some 60, some 100 times what was sown. It’s life will reproduce and yield a rich harvest.  That life, released in death, is resurrected, and somehow a leaf blade pushes through. 

Jesus wants us to pay close attention, because in that leaf blade will also come a seed, a perfect Seed.  It will come and be planted in the soil of earth, on Calvary’s mountain.  There he - this seed of Abraham - will die.  And out of his death will come life, resurrected, a great harvest of lives; men and women, boys and girls, that have been born again.  Jesus says elsewhere:

I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat is planted in the soil and dies, it remains alone. But its death will produce many new kernels--a plentiful harvest of new lives. (Jn 12:24 NLT)

Jesus wants us to play close attention to the seed, the soil and the farmer.  He wants us to see the secret of the kingdom that’s about to be revealed.Pay close attention.  Follow his example and give your life away.  Allow your life to count for him.  Die to yourself so that you can be made alive in Him and bear much fruit.