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Nov. 3, 2020

November 3rd, 20

November 3rd, 20

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

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Barabbas wasn’t the first revolutionary to rise up in revolt. There was an earlier revolutionary that rose up against God and his kingdom – Adam. And Barabas is a son of Adam. Adam was the first to rise up and revolt. And when he did that, death and murder entered the world. Since that first uprising, uprisings, murder, death, suffering and pain, have never stopped.

But Mark gives us an answer to the uprising. The answer is Someone far greater. Mark gives us one last glimpse of the son of God, the King of the Jews. Jesus came and offered himself as a substitute for Barabbas and Adam and you and me – and all of us who have rebelled against God and his kingdom. This King, by substituting his life for you and me, made a way for all the rebels to go free, just like Barabas. He made the way for us to live a life free from the power of sin and the grave.

It’s a prisoner exchange. Barabbas the son of Adam is going to go free. In his place will be the one who they call the King of the Jews. Mark wants you to see him as the Substitute – the one given in exchange for rebels, for you and for me. He is the one who sets us free and puts an end to the rebellion, leading us to life beyond the grave.

See him as the One who has paid it all. Barabbas, the son of Adam, a rebel – set free. Live in the freedom that he’s given you, with gratitude. And live in the strength of the One who truly is the Son of God.