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May 8, 2021

May 8th, 21

May 8th, 21

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This is a parable, not an eschatology. It's important to know what we are reading. a parable is typically teaching us something about the nature of reality. Stories peel back what's under the surface. In this case, Jesus is using a story, to peel back a form of religion that is profoundly misguided. It has missed the point, that our life in God is a life of love, and will find its expression in the way we see all people, even those outside of our group, even those who are unseen by all groups, the religious culture of his day was preoccupied with a lot of things that had the appearance of piety and orthodoxy. A lot was being said about God. And God was being leveraged by a lot of people to control and to coerce, God was being used and abused by the culture, and by those in power. But he was not being known.

This parable peels back what's really going on, and it asks us to examine our hearts. Today, the worst way to read this parable is to look from above and assumed that I am a sheep, and to use the text to condemn those that we think are goats. Rather, we are invited to sit under these words today. And say, I see the goat in my own heart, Lord, I repent. And I asked you to judge this in me. Unmask the lies in my life, that make me get it wrong, helped me to see how you see all people, even those who are outside my group, even those who are considered the lowest and the least, show me those things that stand in the way of me fully understanding who I am in you, and who you are for all.