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May 27, 2022

May 27th, 22

May 27th, 22

Trust in God Alone Proverbs 7 - 9 and Romans 9

Trust in God Alone

Proverbs 7 - 9 and Romans 9

Wisdom has a secret. The secret is trust in God alone.  Don’t trust your own understanding and lean on that.  Lean on him.  Trust in God alone, for his mercy and favor.  Simply trust him.  Understand fully that this same God who made everything has also made a way for you to know him and be known by him.  And that comes through faith in Him.  Anyone who trusts in Him will never be disgraced.  

There’s so much that I don’t understand in this life, about my own heart and about God.  But what I am learning is that I can trust him. God is kind and merciful.  And He desires that I walk with him. His purposes are good for me and he is always working for my best.  I feel his care.  I am beginning to feel dependent.  I feel like a son.  When i get proud, and behave with arrogance, I start to feel like an employee.  I start to feel entitled and less grateful, more distant from my own heart, the heart of others and the heart of God.  That’s why I come to the Word with you each day.  

We read that those who search for wisdom will truly find it. Those who search will surely find me. (Prov 8:17 NLT)   No one who trusts in you will ever be disgraced (Ps 25:3 NLT)

Grow in trust and faith.  Remember that your relationship is based on trust in him, not your own  performance.  It’s based on what he has done for you and your reliance on all that he has done.  It’s rooted in this relationship of trust.  Root yourself there, in who He is.