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May 23, 2022

May 23rd, 22

May 23rd, 22

UNDESERVED PRIVILEGE Our readings today are I Kings 9, II Chronicles 8, Psalm 136, and Romans 5.

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Our readings today are I Kings 9, II Chronicles 8, Psalm 136, and Romans 5.  We are reading from the New Living Translation.

Where do you stand?  Do you stand with Adam or with the Son – Jesus – the 2nd Adam?   Because of Adam’s sin, sin entered into the world.  And all of Humanity was standing in Adam.  But now, Christ has undone what Adam had done.  Romas 5:18 says this astounding thing “Yes, Adams one sin brings condemnation for everyone. But Christ’s one act o righteousness, brings a right relationship with God and new life to everyone.” Jesus the 2nd Adam has drawn us into his life.  through this Son of Righteousness – We did stand in Adam, now we stand in Christ.  – we are all standing in Christ’s righteousness. The tragedy is that there are so many that call on the name of Jesus to be saved, but they fail to stand in Him.  We don’t even know that this is where we have been placed.  But the reality is, He has made us righteous, in Christ.  He has placed us into Himself.  We are now standing in Him!  

Standing.  It’s not something that you earn or strive for.  It’s something that you must receive, and rest, and rejoice in.  Christian, where do you stand?  Do you know that in Christ, you have been brought to a place of undeserved privilege?You have been adopted into God’s family.  And you didn’t achieve this standing through your own effort or strength.  No.  You were brought there as a gift. You’ve been placed there – not because of your own piety or performance, but because of Him.  It’s a gift!  This is where you stand.  

Be sure of where you stand today. For the sake of your joy, for the sake of your peace, for the sake of the strength thaty you need,  Know that Christ has made a place for you in Him, today.    You no longer stand with Adam.  You stand with the Son – Jesus.  Tell your soul that today.  Soul, you stand with Him.  You have been brought to a place of undeserved privilege.  And nothing can ever separate you from the love of God shown to you in Christ Jesus.  His faithful love will endure forever.  Enter into the joy, strength and peace of it.  And allow God to share that with others, through you.