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May 11, 2021

May 11th, 21

May 11th, 21

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Don't be afraid. Go and tell. And be sure of this. The words the disciples heard after Jesus was raised from the dead. Don't be afraid. Those are the first words that they hear as they approach the empty tomb. There's a lot to be afraid of when you approach an empty tomb, lots of uncertainties, lots of questions. And yet the first words they hear are, don't be afraid. Don't be afraid when you're facing emptiness, and unanswered questions. The unanswered questions in your life and of your future, need not cause you fear because he is with you. And goodness and mercy are following you. All the days of your life. Now go and tell. Go and tell your brothers Go and tell your sisters Go and tell the whole world. Go and tell them that they need not be afraid either. Tell them I'm alive. Tell them that the journey is not over. Tell them that the story of God's love continues on. Tell them that God's not finished with us yet. Tell them that there's more to come. But there's hope for tomorrow. Tell them I am redeeming their past and I am alive today go and tell them. And when he meets them on that mountain, he says this, be sure of this. I am with you always. even to the end of the age. We come to hear from him amidst life's uncertainties. We come to be reminded to go and tell the world that there is hope that there is life in him. The story is not over. The tomb is empty, and he is risen. So don't be afraid. Go and tell. Amidst all of your uncertainties, we can be sure of this. That he is with us. And we are loved.