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March 20, 2021

March 20th, 21

March 20th, 21

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

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In this particular story, Achan had won a battle on the outside. But on the inside, he didn't win. He was hiding treasures that were not for him.  This moment really exposes the heart of Achan. And it wasn't just Achan in the end who would suffer because of the problem of his heart. In the end, his whole family would suffer the consequences, along with 36 Israelite soldiers that would die in battle, all because of the problem in Achan troubled heart.

We all struggle with things that are buried deep in our past just as Achan buried treasure in his tent.  Do we have something in our heart that we have tried to bury and refuse to trust God with? Well, that's an important question. Maybe it is something in our past, maybe it's something that we covet or some form of security that we refuse to trust God with? Well, there's someone far better than Joshua in this story. Jesus, Jesus wants to help us un-earth the secrets in our life. In exchange, he doesn't offer punishment and death. He comes and meets us there in those places that are deeply hidden. And indeed, of forgiveness. Healing, is grace. Achan was taken and stoned and burned in judgment. But the one that has come into our life has come into the world, our Jesus, he's come to defeat that death that resides in us. He's come to shine his light there in that darkness. He's come to set us free by his life, his death, and his resurrection. He did this because he loves all the Achan's in the world. He loves you He loves me. He loves all the treasonous ones, with things buried deep in our hearts, that we have no answer for. Jesus has come into our house into our hearts. And he's come to set us free.

So let's live in the light of this amazing love today. And let's rejoice in all that God has done for us.