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March 18, 2021

March 18th, 21

March 18th, 21

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

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Be strong and courageous, the Lord tells Joshua. He also tells Joshua that wherever he places his foot, God will give him that land. In other words, God's saying, I will be with you each step of the way. I will enable you to claim all that is yours. It's so beautiful. It's so encouraging that the first steps that are taken into the promised land are taken in the most unlikely of places. The spies step into the home of a prostitute, Rahab.

Through them God is going in and taking possession of what is his Rahab is his, her heart is his, her family belongs to him. The scarlet thread of redemption is woven through the most unlikely of places and bring salvation to the most unlikely of homes. The home of a prostitute named Rahab, and Rahab's life plays into our redemption story. She's right there in the genealogical line of another Joshua, Yeshua, Jesus, who had come hundreds of years later. She is a direct ancestor of Jesus, the Messiah, the Lamb of God. God's feet come to Rahab, and they come to you. They come to the whole world. He's taking possession of what is his he's invading homes, families lives, he's invaded this world.

"How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns." That's from Isaiah 52.

God sends his Gospel to the most unlikely of places. However, he gave priority to this woman. Above all the other citizens of Jericho. He went to her house. God makes her a priority. He comes after her. God has made a priority of you my friend. He's pursued you. He's come after you. Let us live in the light of this good news today. The God who pursued us come into our homes.  Draw strength from his love. Draw strength and be courageous. He's with you every step of the way. So take hold of and possess all that is yours in him.