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March 15, 2021

March 15th, 21

March 15th, 21

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

Quid pro quo, this for that, if you do this, you will receive that. That's the old principle of the law. If you keep this covenant and obey all its terms and obligations, then you will receive the blessing of the covenant. But if you fail to keep all the terms and obligations, then you will receive the curses described in the covenant,  quid pro quo, this for that. That's the principle.

I hope we can all see how impossible This is for people like you and me. How absolutely terrifying it is. People like us simply can't live up to the standard of holiness that's described here. The level of faithfulness needed to achieve that blessing is beyond our grasp. Thankfully, we see in Galatians, a new principle at work, a new promise, a new contract, it's not a quid pro quo, it's something altogether different. Instead, this new principle is based upon what God has done for us on the cross. It's based upon a clear and complete revelation that is Christ Himself.

God in His great love and mercy recognizes that we are unable to meet the demands of this for that. Jesus has fulfilled the terms of that first agreement so that we might know its blessing. And he assumed all the penalty in the curse destined for me. He did that on the cross. A new principle is at work in our lives because of him, and what he's done.

Paul describes it as a new creation. When we read these passages in Deuteronomy, we have to ask is this what God is really intending for humanity? Is this truly reflective of God's heart? If you don't do what I say, you will be wiped out in the most tedious ways, thinkable.

You know, the Bible reflects the periods and the times with which it was written. And it also reflects how people understood God in the context of their times, and the surrounding culture. And God lets his children tell the story of God. But he doesn't leave us there. Now he will give the final word on who he really is, and how he is to be understood and what kind of relationship he is establishing with humanity. And he doesn't simply leave it to prophets and scribes to write about, no, he comes in person, he shows up in the flesh. God's Final Word is Jesus. He is the logos of God. And the new principle is the way of the cross, self giving sacrificial love on behalf of those who have nothing to give. It's not quid pro quo, this for that.

No, God is not capricious, he's not overly sensitive and insecure. No, God is like Jesus. He is God. The new principle is the way of the cross, the cross, which is the ultimate demonstration of the self giving sacrificial love for others, for the world.

So let me encourage you all to take a deep breath, after reading through Deuteronomy today. And realize that God has shown us who he really is. It seemed completely and fully, wonderfully, in the face of Jesus, Jesus has achieved for us all the blessings of God. He accomplished this by defeating death and the grave on the cross by giving himself on behalf of all. And now the new principle is that of a new creation, achieved by the cross, the cruciform love of God. Let us live in that reality with gratitude, and love. And that's a prayer that I have for my own soul. That's the prayer that I have for my family for my wife, and my daughter's and my son. And that's a prayer that I have for you, may it be so.