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June 5, 2021

June 5th, 21

June 5th, 21

Daily Radio Bible Podcast


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I need to be filled. There are gaping holes in my life, there are missing pieces, much has been broken much as missing. I need to be filled. I'm 55 years old, and I see it now more than ever. And Paul knows what it's like to know that he needs to be filled. Paul sees that God in His wisdom has come to fill humanity. He's come for humanity, his children that we might be filled and restored in him. Paul repeatedly says in this one chapter that God is going to fill all things with himself. Christ has come and united himself to us. He's included us in the life that he shares with the Father in this spirit, we have been made full and complete in him. Now ours is to, to wake up to who we are, to begin to live in the truth of our being. He is making all things new. All those empty places, unfinished places in our lives. Let us be reminded together that Christ has come to fill all things with himself and to make all things new. And that includes you. When he says all things that means all. And let us receive this promise today of Christ filling. That's the prayer that I have for my own soul. That's the prayer that I have for my family for my wife and my daughters and my son. And that's a prayer that I have for you. May it be so