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June 16, 2020

June 16th, 20

June 16th, 20

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

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JUNE 16,   God Has No Favorites

Today’s readings are I Kings 20 – 21, II Chron 17, and Colossians 3.  We are reading through the New Living Translation.

God has no favorites.  I have three daughters and there have been times in life when people have asked me, “Who’s your favorite?”  I have to chuckle when I hear that because my mind doesn’t even go there.  I don’t think in terms of one daughter being favored over another because they’re all my daughters – my girls.  I love them all dearly.  I have no favorites.  We’re told that God has no favorites, either because we are His – we’re his children.  It doesn’t matter whether we’re Abigail, Magdalene or Eden.  It doesn’t matter whether we are Jew or Gentile, circumcised, or uncircumcised, Barbaric, uncivilized, slave or free.  It doesn’t matter.  Christ is all that matters. He is THE favored one.  We, too, are His.  He has no favorites, because we are all favored, we are all loved.  We are favored by God, through Christ.  Now we can put him on like new clothes, confident and at peace, in His strength.  And we can offer this world Christ and His favor.  We can offer this world His tender-hearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, forgiveness and love.  We can do that because we are in Him and He is in us and we are favored and loved.

Live in His love.  Put on Christ like new clothes and experience the favor and blessing of God.  And offer that to the world and those that you love.