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July 31, 2020

July 31st, 20

July 31st, 20

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

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Thirsty?  This woman was.  And she was willing to admit it.  She didn’t even fully know what she was admitting to, and there was precious little to try to prove to Jesus.  She wasn’t too proud to admit that she was thirsty. Yes, Teacher, give me this water, she said.  She knew that she was dying of thirst and that unless something changed, she would die.  After five husbands – still dying inside.

But Jesus offers her his living water, water that truly satisfies.  Jesus mercifully offers those who are dying of thirst, living water, relief from the endless cycle of sin and shame, relief from our past, relief and forgiveness.  She says, He told me everything I’ve ever done.  And you cold complete that statement with these words:   and He loved me just the same.  It was this radical acceptance and forgiveness from a kind and merciful God that delivered her from her desperate thirst.

He knows everything you’ve ever done and he loves you just the same.

Are you thirsty?  He knows everything you’ve ever done and he loves you just the same.  You have a kind and merciful Savior who is making a point of pursuing your heart , to give you the water that will quench your desperate thirst.  Drink well of that water, remembering that your Savior is kind and has pursued your heart – knowing everything you’ve ever done, and loving you just the same.  Live in the light and joy of that, and drink well.