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July 23, 2020

July 23rd, 20

July 23rd, 20

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

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Isaiah 40 - 42 and I Peter 3

Have you ever been lost, unable to find your way home?  There have been moments in the woods when I’ve been struck with panic because I wasn’t sure how I was going to get myself home.  That’s not a good feeling.  

In this life there are so many ways that we can get lost, and ways that we can lose ourselves.  Peter gives us an impressive list here. It includes concern over our outward beauty, refusal to honor our wives as equal partners in this life, divisiveness and wanting to repay evil for evil, hurt for hurt.  We can land in the ditch of evil and self-focused living without even trying.  The antidote to the self-focused life is a life of humility.  One way to do this is to recognize God’s authority in our life.  Peter encourages us to humble ourselves before the Lord.  If we humble ourselves before him he will lift us up.   We submit to his authority.  This chapter begins and ends with the word authority.  When I allow God to have the final say in all areas of my life: my marriage, work, friendship, finances - my life will take on a whole other quality.  

Then Peter says to be ready to give an explanation on why our life looks so different.  Be ready to explain to the world why you have His hope within you.  One of your answers will be that you have accepted the Lord’s authority in your life.  Your life is not your own. You belong to Him. First Peter 3:22 ends with these words:

Now Christ has gone to heaven. He is seated in the place of honor next to God, and all the angels and authorities and powers accept his authority.

Each day when we wake up it’s our turn to say, once again, Lord, I accept your authority.  Not my will but your will.  I’m ready to follow you today.  I belong to you.  When we humble ourselves daily before him we won’t feel lost.  We’ll know how to get home.  When we do that we will experience life, hope, grace and peace.  We’ll experience him.

Are you feeling lost today?  Humble yourself and accept Christ’s authority in your life.  That my friend, will be a game-changer.  Daily come to his Word, humbly accepting and submitting to the word of Truth.  It’s a Word that will set you free.