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March 19, 2021

Journey Through Lent - Day 31

Journey Through Lent - Day 31

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

Today's music is offered to us from our friend, fellow pilgrim and listener to the Daily Radio Bible Podcast, David Nevue, find out more at 

Today's Devotional:

The writer of Hebrews says that He understands our weaknesses. He understood. And so he came to us because he understood that we apart from him, could do nothing. We can't change we can't experience, the life that we were created for. And so he enters into our weaknesses. He sits with us. In our weakened flesh, he unites himself to humanity. And there, he heals, he forgives, he suffers, he dies, he defeats death. He redeems our lives. He is risen...and we are risen in him.

And now we come to him. In the day to day, the moment to moment we come to him and we live before him. We live before a throne of grace and mercy. And there we begin to discover the truth of our being in Christ. That we are forgiven, that we are loved. Amen.