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March 6, 2021

Journey Through Lent - Day 18

Journey Through Lent - Day 18

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

When God the Father chooses to speak in an audible form in the life of Jesus, and it isn't very often, he has something important to say. The gospel writers mark only two occurrences of the audible voice of the Father, and each time, this most important of messages needs to be taken in and truly considered. Of all the words you want to weigh, cherish and ponder, these would be it. vs 7 "This is my dearly loved Son..." Period end of sentence. Lets not run to the next sentence yet, let's just stop for a moment, and hear this. "my dearly loved son." twice now, the first time, when Jesus emerges from the waters of baptism in the Jordan River, in literally the lowest place on earth. To now here on the mountain, up on this high mountain, probably the highest mountain in that region. On both occasions The Father speaks these all important words. My son I love you."

His identity. "my son" and his place "in the father's love." He is the Father's and the Father is his, and he is loved.

The words that anchor the life of Jesus in his earthly ministry are these.

What words do you think, whether you know them or not, whether you have really heard them or not anchor your life. What words define the truest thing about you, and where you really stand before God the Father?

Let me tell you plainly. You are his child, and you are loved. Hear those words well today. awaken to them, weep with them, store them deep in your heart.