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Feb. 28, 2021

Journey Through Lent - Day 12

Journey Through Lent - Day 12

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

Who are you listening to? Who has your ear. There are so many voices we allow into our ears these days. We live in an information age. And sometimes it's a real challenge to know who we should be listening to. Peter is with Jesus upon the mountain. And he sees Jesus miraculously talking with Moses and Elijah, the two main figureheads of the faith, the figureheads of the law, and the prophets. And Peter's first impulse is to want to build three shelters, commemorative tents for these three voices. Jesus, the law, and the prophets. 

You can't fault him too much here. He's trying his best to understand who Jesus is. So he puts Jesus, Moses and Elijah, all on an equal footing. These three voices we're voices that he would build his life upon. But God the Father interrupts Peters misguided ideas here, and declares something that we all must understand. God says, This is my son, whom I love. Listen to him. Sometimes, we have other voices that we have put on equal footing with God, and they may be good voices, but they are not what we are to build our lives upon. The father is inviting us to build our lives upon the son, his voice, his vision for our lives, and for all of humanity. 

Mark also wants us to see God is a Father. And Jesus is his son. They are family. And the word that the Father has for his son, amidst all the possible things the father can say to his son, is this. "You are mine, and I love you." Here the Father well on this mountain, "you are mine, and I love you." In this age, when we have so many voices vying for our attention, let us hear the father's voice and heed his admonition to listen to the son. 

Jesus is the final and ultimate word in our lives. And we must build our lives on him and him alone. For he has drawn us into the relationship that he shares with his Father. We are included in this lavish love that the Father has for Jesus. He is your father too. And amid all the things that your father can say to you today, he chooses this. You are his and you are loved. Here the father speaking to you today. And allow our Lord Jesus, to reveal the face of the father to you. As you journey through these remaining days of Lent, allow the Holy Spirit to show you the face of your father. As we gaze upon Jesus the Son May there be so