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May 8, 2021

Journey - May 8th, 21

Journey - May 8th, 21

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Jesus says, you know that the rulers of this world lord it over their people, their officials flaunt their authority over them, but among you, it will be different. What is it that will be different? The difference will be that we follow his life of humility, and in his life and power we will serve, because he has come to us as one who serves one who lays down his life for us. This is not God play acting, this is who God is at heart, he is a servant. Out of the abundance of God's love, he serves. God is the self giving one, the radically forgiving one, the CO suffering one. He invites us to participate with him as servants. These are the marks of our greatness, and this today, let us be different,  and let us serve, Amen.