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May 18, 2021

Journey - May 18th, 21

Journey - May 18th, 21

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

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The Daily Radio Bible Podcast takes listeners through the Bible in one year with Hunter Barnes. Listen on Spotify  Google Podcast  or Apple Podcasts  

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Transcription begins here:

Jesus is the anointed one. Paul calls him the Christ here in verse 1. He is the one who has been sent by God. God has sent him in love to draw you and humanity to himself. You are chosen in him. In verse 2 Paul shows us that God's absolute commitment to you will give you confidence that you have life, even life eternal in him. Are you in need of confidence today? Rest in God's absolute commitment to you. In love He gave himself for you. Just the way you are. You are included. Just the way you are accepted, just as you are in the chosen one. You are his and that's good news. Have confidence in this today. Have confidence in him. Amen.