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May 15, 2021

Journey - May 15th, 21

Journey - May 15th, 21

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

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The Daily Radio Bible Podcast takes listeners through the Bible in one year with Hunter Barnes. Listen on Spotify  Google Podcast  or Apple Podcasts  

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Transcription begins here:

Righteousness is available, because he goes to the Father. And now he sends the advocate, our comforter, encourager, our counselor, and he will continue to do what he has done. He'll continue to drag us into the reality of God's righteousness. He does this through the demonstration of His love, a love that overcame sin, death and the grave. A self giving radically forgiving, co suffering love. When we behold His love for all, his love for us, when our eyes are open to the lies that have governed our lives, we see God's righteousness, and the judgment we already live under. righteousness is available, the Holy Spirit has come to awaken us to the truth of who we are, and to empower us into this new way of being. And now let us take some time for silent prayer and reflection.