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May 14, 2021

Journey - May 14th, 21

Journey - May 14th, 21

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His eyes are like fire. And as Moses climbs the mountain, the glory of the Lord appeared like a consuming fire. Much is often made of the fire of God in the Bible. And often the fire is described as God's judgment or his wrath. But the fire of God is not simply God's wrath or judgment that separates us from him. More often in the Bible, we see God's fire as a source of purification, a place of restoration and an invitation into His presence and his life. Our God is a consuming fire. This is not a sign of God's retribution. His fire is a place of restoration. His eyes are like fire, John says. And yet we are invited to look into his eyes to look into his face and live. Moses climbs into the fire on the mountain. And there he meets with God. Our God is a consuming fire. The white hot fire of God's restoring love. Amen.