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Jan. 9, 2021

January 9th, 21

January 9th, 21

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

He Makes Us Citizens of His Kingdom

Genesis 23-34, Luke 9

What do you think the prevailing message of Jesus is?  You would think that would be a pretty easy question to answer.  But I’m guessing that in a room full of people, there would be many different answers to that question.  In Luke 9, (as well throughout the Gospels and Acts) we’re told three times, very plainly what the message is. The central and prevailing message of the Bible and of Jesus Christ is the Kingdom of God.   The kingdom of God is here!  The king is Jesus himself.  

His rule and authority are being made known wherever he goes.  We see that in the feeding of the multitudes, the healing of the demon possessed, the opening up of the eyes of the bilind, the healing of the lame and those who can’t speak or hear. He is the King and wherever he goes the kingdom is showing up.   Citizenship in his kingdom is being made available to ordinary people.  His life is being offered and extended to us - the broken folks!  And the good news of the kingdom is that God has made a way, through Christ to make us citizens and bring us under his rule and reign - to make us his.  By his death on the cross he has reconciled us to himself.  And now, by the Spirit of God, he has empowered us to manifest his kingdom life, the very life of his son.  

As Jesus walks with us through our life, the kingdom shows up.  The result of his kingdom life in us is freedom. We will be set free from our past, our regrets and our shame.  We receive forgiveness of sins and the ability to start new. The one sitting on the throne has said, Look, I am making everything new.  And he begins with his people.  There is power in the king and the abiding life he offers us through his spirit.  Paul says, 

For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes—the Jew first and also the Gentile. (Rm 1:16 NLT

There is power to change.  So often we experience the message of the Gospel as a way to meet the minimal entry requirements to get into heaven before we die.  We think that is the good news.  But there is no power there for transforming our lives, changing our habits, our thinking, rid ourselves of shame and regrets.  But our King offers not only his death for ours, but his life for ours. His life in us now, gives us the power to see the change we need and long for.  His life in us, restores us to the people we were always intended to be.

Live as a citizen of the kingdom of God.  Embrace this message of the abiding saving life of Christ in you. Be an ambassador of this great King.