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Jan. 5, 2021

January 5th, 21

January 5th, 21

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

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Faith Fights Through

Genesis 12 - 14 and Luke 5

Religion wants to crowd you out but a hungry heart will find a way.  Luke tells us that the religious leaders all made a point to be around Jesus, to monitor and undermine him.  So much so that those who really needed him were crowded out of the room.  Religion has a way of doing that, crowding out the hearts who truly need forgiveness and healing.  But the faithful one finds his  way through the crowd, finds a way to get to those who are ready.  The faithful one was already at work in these four friends, carrying their guy to Jesus.  It was God who inspired them, and fights its way up onto a roof and digs its way down.  Faith will find itself, eventually at the feet of Jesus. That’s exactly what we see here in this story.  These four friends, carried their friend, in faith.  They fought through the religious crowd because that’s what faith does.  Faith knows that it has a need, is sick and needs healing and forgiveness.  Faith finds itself at the feet of the only One who can forgive sins, heal us, and make us stand.

Don’t let religion stand in the way of what God wants to do in and through you by faith.  Religion always crowds out God from our heart. But the hungry heart, filled with faith, will find its way to the feet of Jesus.  Fight your way through in faith.  Acknowledge and recognize that you are in need of healing and forgiveness.  Find your life, your healing and the new wine of His Presence in the new life that he alone can give.