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Jan. 4, 2021

January 4th, 21

January 4th, 21

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

He is Unstoppable!

Genesis 9 - 11, Luke 4

He’s unstoppable! He heads out into the desert, not because he’s weak or is going through a hard time.  No, that’s how we talk about desert times in our own life.  When things are their hardest, when we feel our weakest, when we feel most alone and vulnerable, when God seems furthest away - we often talk about that as our desert time.  But not Jesus.  He goes out into that desert and experiences something completely different. He is fasting.  But while he’s fasting he is feasting.  He’s feasting on God’s Word.  He’s drawing strength in the desert.  The desert can’t stop him. His appetites won’t stop him.  The devil can’t stop him.  His ego won’t stop him.  People’s opinions, the crowds, the community - nothing can stop him.  

He is an unstoppable king with an unstoppable message.  And i am so glad.  There’s so much that can stop us in this life. We’re so easily stopped by our huger, appetites, our ego,  our past, our shame, our guilt.   But not Jesus.  He came and completed all that he intended to do.  And he will continue to complete all that He intends to do in our lives, as we surrender our lives to him.  


Join the unstoppable God as He completes His work in your life.  


And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. (Phil 1:6 NLT)

He won’t stop until all the work is done, including the work that he has begun in you and me.  There’s a lot ahead in 2018 and God is at work. So let’s get in step with God and allow him to do all that he intends to do in and through us.