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Jan. 27, 2021

January 27th, 21

January 27th, 21

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

He is the God Who Sees

Exodus 17 - 20 and Acts 3

He was out looking for eye contact that day. As Peter and John were heading through the gates that day they saw someone looking for someone that would look. And perhaps Peter and John remembered what Jesus would do in these situations, with those who were looking.  He would see them. He would see them, he would stop for them, he would heal them.  So, Peter and John stopped and told him to “look at us” and Peter looked at him intently.  And at that moment the beggar may have thought, “He’s looking at me...Now I can use my doleful needy eyes to convert this man from curiosity to compassion to cash. But Peter’s compassion wasn’t being manipulated.  It was being stirred by something much deeper.  Peter was looking intently, beyond the man’s ploys.  He was looking to this man’s soul, to the reality of who he really was.  His need to walk upright again, whether his legs worked or not, whether he had silver or gold or not.  


This was the need Peter saw in this man’s eyes, a life that needed to stand upright before God. And the life this man needed was being offered free of charge, not only to him, but to the whole world.  In fact this gospel was not transactional at all.  this went far beyond some mere transaction.  Be it religious or commercial.  The gospel is not a great sales pitch, “for the low low price of a wee little faith, or a tiny little prayer, you get eternal life.”  No the gospel has never been about what you have done or propose to do. It’s entirely rooted in Him, it’s Christ, who he is, and what he has done for you.  Paul put it this way, “I propose to know nothing but Christ and Him crucified.   His person and his work, and when Christ became human, he drew you and all of humanity unto himself, and he would die for all humanity, and he would be raised for all, and ascend for all.  It’s all him.  you have been drawn into him, and the life he shares with the Father and the Spirit.   The Gospel is not a transactional proposition. That's why Peter essentially says, “its not about money, silver or gold, it’s about Jesus the Nazarene who has come to make humanity stand upright again.” it’s a declaration of this amazing news.  

This was a declaration of what is, You my friend are not a beggar, a cast off, an animal groveling in the streets, you are included in the covenant promises of God, you are his child, you are loved and you are someone who will walk upright, as a human being.  

“So in the name of Jesus christ the Nazarene, get up and walk!” 

Peter may be looking at you today as you read this passage, and if he is he is staring intently at you, because He sees what you are intended to be – men and women walking upright, fully embraced by God, worshiping him, being set free.

Allow our Lord to take you by the right hand today, and lift you to your feet.