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Jan. 14, 2021

January 14th, 21

January 14th, 21

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

A Place at the Table

Genesis 34 - 36 and Luke 14

   Have you noticed that?  Jesus noticed that.  Our arrogance and pride will inevitably put us at the head of the table.  That’s what this Pharisee and these teachings in Luke 14, point out.  And inevitably, when we make this life our project, we miss out on the party.  That’s what it seems to tells us here in this parable of the banquet.  There’s nothing wrong with having land, or oxen, or a wife. These are not bad things.  But when they become ultimate things, they blind us to the gift that God is offering us.  They become idols. They fool us into thinking that this life is really about us. That we are the main character in our movie –  that this life is our project, our story.  We imagine that we sit at the head of the table, in our own movie.  Our spouse, our parents, our children – they are supporting characters. That’s why we can find that we love them more than God.

We can begin to think that maybe it’s all about us. This posture in life will lead to a rude awakening some day.  That’s why Jesus says we have to hate all of it, in comparison to our love for God.  We have to hate our life, spouse, parents children, if we love them more than Him.

Jesus says, “For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” (Luke 14:11).

Those that choose to humble themselves, are going to be invited to a place of honor at the party, because they’ve chosen to see reality for what it is.  It’s not about us,  it’s about what Jesus has done for people like us.  We are those people who were out in the alleys, who had no idea that God’s eye was on them – pursuing them, inviting them to be a part of His life, his story, his party. A Messenger came and has invited us to the Banquet.  Unbelievable!

Humble yourself and acknowledge and welcome your proper place in the story of God. Your place in the story is of one who has been brought in from the highways and byways, the hedges and alleys.  God came after you there, and has invited you to a party that you have no right to be part of.  The decision to humble yourself and accept this invitation, blesses not just you, but your family, as well.  They are not here to be supporting characters in your story, but in His.  They’ve been invited to his banquet, too, not yours.  And there, all will find life. Come, find your place at God’s table.