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Feb. 23, 2021

February 23rd, 21 - Day 54, Year 7

February 23rd, 21 - Day 54, Year 7

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

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Numbers 12-13; Psalms 90 and Mark 2. We are reading through the NLT.

They had questions in their hearts, that stood in the way of them receiving healing and forgiveness.  Sometimes our questions are more of an accusation or an indictment than they are a real question. The teachers of religious law saw Jesus extend compassion to this paralytic.  They stood there and watched Jesus respond to these men who had come in faith, bringing their friend in need. They watched these men do outrageous things like digging through a roof to lower their friend right, smack dab, in front of Jesus.  These friends had interrupted all that was going on, so that they could get an audience with Jesus.  The teachers observed all this take place, and they saw Jesus respond, not just with compassion and healing, but with forgiveness of sins.  And they objected.the accused him, they indicted him.

“What is he saying?  This is blasphemy!  Only God can forgive sins!” (Mk 2:7)

 Jesus said to them, “Why do you question this in your hearts?” (vs 8) 

What was in these religious teacher’s hearts was disbelief that God would really make good on his promise in Scripture to send His Son to heal to heal and restore the world. They were insisting on their way. A way like all religions that had learned how to leverage  sin, and despair for their advantage.  

But Jesus, He offers a new way. Not thet old wineskin, not the old garment. Not us fulfilling the law, not us being faithful, not us being holy.  It’s not on us, rather it’s all  God. God  has put it all on himself.  God is fulfilling the law, God is being faithful, God being holy. The new way is not looking to our own efforts and peity, the new way is simply looking to the one, Jesus, who has come to fulfill all that was needed for a human race that is paralized and unable to walk upright.  

The Gospel is what God has done, it is already finished, it is not a transactional proposition, if you do this, god will do that.  It’s not quid pro  quo. No, the gospel is all God. What he has already accomplished for the world on the cross. Ours is to awken to the new reality the “new wine” that is right here right now. It is a declaration of what already is. It’s good news.  You already are forgiven, you already belong to him. Even before you knew it.  

Today, let us place our hearts before the God who alone has already done, all that is needed. Today, let us hear hear his words spoken to the paralytic, “your sins are forgiven.”  and “get up, take your matt and walk.”