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Feb. 14, 2021

February 15th, 21

February 15th, 21

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

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There’s Only One Ultimate Word

Today’s readings are Leviticus 25, Psalms 25-26, and Acts 22. We are reading through the NLT.

The crowd is listening, dazzled by the description of light, the voice from heaven, and the trance-like visitation. Their interest is peaked and they are inspired as they hear of a supernatural encounter and a transformed life. Paul is giving his testimony and they are very intrigued. This once-hostile crowd is now listening…until one word is spoken.  For them, it is THE word that stands in the way of that same Light, Word, and Life, breaking through into their own lives.  It stands in the way of their own hope and transformation. This one word breaks the silence, and at this one word, they go to war.  The word is “Gentile”.  Verse 22 says, 

The crowd listened until Paul said that word.  Then they all began to shout, “Away with such a fellow!  He isn’t fit to live!”

That word represented something to them. It represented their own justification before God. They believed that they were justified before God because they were not Gentiles and because they were Jews. Their hope and identity and world was built around not being Gentile.  This one word became the thing that stopped them in their tracks.  Their journey with God came to a screeching halt because of all that that word represented to them. It’s so tragic that one word could stand in the way of their seeing God’s life, hearing his voice and experiencing His transformation.

As tragic as it is, it’s not uncommon. We all have our own word – a word that will put a halt to us hearing from God.  A single word can represent the thing that we’re putting all our hope in, and what we use to justify ourselves and our lives before God.  That word may be family, or career or riches or reputation.  Without realizing it, we can have a word that we stake our life on, that represents our identity – that we put all our hope in.   We can justify our life before God and people, on the basis of all that a word represents to us.   It’s the ultimate word.  And if that word is threatened in any way, if anyone comes and puts a finger on that word, it creates such a crisis of heart that we will shout and revolt and demand an end to such talking and thinking.

Paul puts his finger on the most sensitive thing for this crowd.  He puts his finger right on the idol in their hearts. And that idol does what all idols do.  It comes out swinging.  But the Gospel will not be stopped by irritated idols.  No. The Gospel goes forth in this world, changing and transforming individual lives and hearts, from the inside out.  The Holy Spirit speaks to those hearts he has come to inhabit.  He speaks words that, at times, cause a revolt within us.  He identifies those things that we’ve made of ultimate concern in our hearts.  Sometimes, they are good things but we’ve made them ultimate things.  When that happens, it’s an idol.  When that happens the Spirit of God comes and speaks His Word to us.  Pay attention when that happens.

God is wanting to put his finger right on that word that stands between you and him.  He is the only Ultimate Word. There’s nothing, and no word, that can stand in the way of his transforming life in you.  

Let’s pay attention and listen well, when the Holy spirit speaks a word that causes a visceral response within us.  When the idols that we still hold onto in our heart come out swinging, let’s pay attention.  God is putting his finger on something that he’s seeking to change.  

Allow the Holy Spirit to make Christ Supreme in all things, in your life.