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Dec. 5, 2020

December 6th, 20

December 6th, 20

Daily Radio Bible Podcast


Today’s reading is Colossians 1 – 4.  We are reading from the New Living Translation.

There is a secret that can no longer be hidden.  Paul says that he was in chains because of this secret message. This message was kept secret (Gal.1:26) for centuries and generations past, but now it’s been revealed to God’s people for God wanted them to know that the riches and the glory of Christ are for the Gentiles too.  

And this is the secret:  Christ lives in you!! This is what God has been up to and has been seeking to proclaim throughout the whole world.  God reconciled people to himself through Christ’s death on the cross.  And now, because of what Christ has done, He has come to live in his people, to resurrect and re-inhabit redeemed humanity.  It’s a secret Paul can’t stop talking about it and living out.  This is the whole Gospel Truth!  The accounts have been settled.  You are a debtor, no more.

And now God has given us “much more” (Rom 5:10) by saving us through His indwelling life.  

This is a liberating message.  Christ in you is the miracle of new life, transformation and  hope that our souls are longing for.  The message is not the law, the message is Christ -Christ in you.  Paul was desperate that we all hear it.  

The abiding life of Christ, dwelling in us, is the secret and it is our hope and our glory! When we are awakened to this life, we can approach each day with the wonder of what it might be to walk with God.  We can simply acknowledge and welcome His life in us.  We can say to Jesus,

“Today, Lord, wear me like a suit of clothes.  Take me where you need me to go. Say the things, through me, that need to be said. Use my hands to bless and to work and to serve.  Lord, use me today.  Lord, live in and through me today.”  

This is the secret that is being offered to us.  When we discover this we will begin to recognize miracles happening.  Little occurrences and meetings will take place that go far beyond what you can explain or describe to people.  It is Jesus meeting the world through you. It is Christ offering himself in love, to others, through you.  It isn’t you, sweating and striving and trying and failing.  It is Jesus, doing all He needs to accomplish, through you.

Ask God to help you live in the reality of Christ in you, today.