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Dec. 29, 2020

December 29th, 20

December 29th, 20

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

God’s Final Word is Jesus!

Revelation 15 - 18

God’s final word is Jesus!

John tells us, in the first chapter of Revelation, that we are to read all the words of this prophecy to the church - all of it.  And there is a blessing when we do.  Every drop must be read - even the words of God’s wrath.  The only way that we can bear to read the terrifying nightmarish words of Revelation, is to first have a revelation of Jesus Christ.  The only way to utter these words is to know that this is not God’s final word.  His final word is Jesus.  


Jesus is God’s final answer to the world’s great evil.  Let’s be clear-headed about this.  The sorcery of this world is cloaked. The depths of evil that are present in this evil world are hidden.  Evil hides and thrives in darkness and deceit.  But here, in these chapters, the veil is pulled back, the spell is gone and we can see, with great clarity, a glimpse of the horrors of evil in this world.  God’s character demands that he must bring justice to bear on evil.  He must bring an end to the cruelty, and the hidden and horrific evils of this world.  And we see, in these chapters, that he does.  Babylon is fallen.  It will be no more.  It will be thrown into the sea, never to rise again.  Something new is on the way.  God’s final word is on the way.  He is not done yet.  The ravages of evil run deep and are unseen but God’s final word is not wrath.  His final word is Jesus.  The wrath that was due us was placed on Jesus, on the cross.   He shed his blood and died for the evil and rebellion in you and me.  We set up our own kingdom in opposition to Him.  But he, in his great mercy, comes after us, breaking the spell, that the evil one has placed on us. He enables us to see his love, hope and light.  And there’s more to come, my friend.  This is not the last word that God has for us.  

Have your eye forever and always, on God’s final Word.  May the love of this vision change and transform you.  Let it transfigure the work of your hands, the paths your feet take, and the words of your mouth.  Letting Christ live in and through you, your life will honor Him, and He will accomplish all that He has prepared for you.