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Dec. 28, 2020

December 28th, 20

December 28th, 20

Daily Radio Bible Podcast


Revelation 10 - 14

 hn here in Chpt 10.  Eat this scroll.  It will be sweet like honey and it will be bitter in your stomach.  This whole fantastical episode of visions begins with John being told to eat the book.  It’s only after he eats the scroll, which is both sweet and bitter, that he is given access to the behind the scenes visions and machinations and happenings in the spiritual world.  There are mysteries here, that are yet unlocked. Many people spend their lifetime trying to decipher dates, times, and meanings, of these words and visions.  Yet, their ultimate deciphering can only happen for those who eat the book. Eating the book is a precursor to understanding God’s vision.  

And that’s true for our own life.  It’s only as we abide in Him and His word - as we eat the book - that we are given a vision for what God has for our life.  The ultimate decoding can only happen for those who eat the book, for those who taste the Word of God,  who listen to the message, and obey what it says.  Then God provides for us a step-by-step unfolding.  Notice the angel tells him not to write down the visions he sees.  He’s told to keep it a secret.  God reveals to us what we need to know, when we need to know it.  Ours is to take the next vision that God has placed before us.  Ours is to take the book and eat it.  Ours is to stand back in awe and worship. This story that we read about and find ourselves in, is going somewhere.  It’s not an endless cycle of the same thing over and over.  No. God is culminating things.  The angel says, there is no more delay.  Things are coming to a rapid conclusion.  We can be sure that God is on the move and we are to be on the move with Him - taking each step, according to His Word, each and every day.  

Understand that it is only as you eat his Word, living in communion with Him, that you will understand the vision that God has for your life.  Eat His Word.  Receive from him, visions, direction, courage, and hope, - to take that next step, with Him - living life in Him.