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Dec. 27, 2020

December 27th, 20

December 27th, 20

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

He’s the One to Make Sense of our Lives

Revelation 5 - 9

If this scroll isn’t opened, than how are we going to make any sense of this story?  The story of human history demands that this scroll be opened.  This story of life demands that justice and righteousness prevail.  Some sense must be drawn from all the senseless evil in the world.  And this scroll, in the hand of the One sitting on the throne, is God’s ultimate and final judgement.  And for a moment John falls into despair at the thought that somehow there will be no judgement and righteousness.  He wonders whether perhaps it is all meaningless.  He wonders whether there will be a response from God, to the waves of endless evil and absurdity in the world, that contort human history and devastate our lives.  John cries out at the thought!  He cries out for Someone that would be worthy to stand both inside and outside this storm and make it stop, and to make sense of the wreckage.  

In this final moment, when it appears that all is lost, an elder insists that John stop weeping.  He insists that there is One who is worthy and able.  It is our champion Jesus.  It is the One sitting on the throne.  He can open the scroll because he has stepped into the storm. He was slaughtered, offering himself as a sacrifice to satisfy the demands for justice and righteousness that this universe and story requires.  

In his body, the Son purchased our freedom, with his blood.  He has made sense of the wreckage.  Impossible as it might seem, He can do that, even in your life.  You might look at your life the way that John looked at human history. You’re looking at your history and you’re wondering how any sense is going to be made of it.  You might think that the storm was too great, it’s taken its toll and there’s no way to make sense of the wreckage.  But God, and John,  and the elder, and I, want you to know that there is One who is worthy and able and he has been there all along. He is now on the throne. 

He has stepped into the storm of our life, as the sacrifice to make good on the wreckage that we ourselves have been the cause of.  He has taken the punishment and he offers us his peace in exchange. He opens the scrolls and he makes sense of it all. 

Stop weeping today and start worshipping the One who is worthy, the One who can make sense of human history, and your story, and mine.  Let’s sing with the angels and the elders and all these created things that are around the throne.  They  are shouting in unison, 

You are worthy to take the scroll and break its seals and open it. Blessing and honor and glory and power belong to the one sitting on the throne and to the Lamb forever and ever. (Rev 5:9, 13 NLT)

He is the one who has made sense of your life and mine.  He is worthy!