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Dec. 18, 2020

December 18th, 20

December 18th, 20

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

Where Else Would We Go?

John 5 - 6

   The only place I know that has what I’m looking for: words of life, bread from heaven, food in the wilderness - is Jesus. He’s the only place I know to go.  I don’t come to him because I’m especially pious or born into the right family.  No. I seem to have come to Him because I was drawn to Him.  God, in his great mercy, has drawn me here to the One who is the Word of Life, the Bread from heaven.  

The Word and the Bread have come to us in the flesh.  Jesus offered his body as a payment for our lives.  Now He says that we must partake of him.  We must sustain ourselves on Him and no other. 

The majority of the crowds walked away from him when he said to eat his flesh and drink his blood.  Not unlike the crowds, being sustained in Jesus, looking to him alone for our true life, is something we’re opposed to on our own.  We’d rather try to sustains ourselves on the bread of our own hands and from the words of wisdom of our own experience. But in the end that doesn’t give us life or satisfy our hunger.  

But if the Father has drawn you to this man Jesus, than you’ll find that you have no other place to go, too.  You’ll also have discovered that he, alone, has the words of life.  He alone is the bread that came down from heaven - the Bread of Life.  

You will come to understand that you’ve been drawn to partake of that Bread, by a God that is merciful, and who has had his eye on you.  There your soul will be satisfied.

Sustain your life on Him, and no other.  Eat his Bread and drink his Life.  He alone has the words of life and there is no other place to go.