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Oct. 4, 2021

Daily Radio Bible - October 4th, 21

Daily Radio Bible - October 4th, 21

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

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There's an aha moment coming. Things are happening behind the scenes in human history. God's at work. But often in the moment, it doesn't look that way. But rest assured, he's expertly arranging his story to work out just as he planned. And one day, there's going to be a giant aha moment. And it's going to become very clear, Esther reminds us of this, in this amazing little book, God's name is never mentioned. And yet his hand is seen in every word and every line. And when we look at it from the end, when we see it from its conclusion, it becomes so obvious to us. Then it's one giant, massive Aha, of course, look how God was arranging things. Look how he was scheduling things, just so it's not just true in Esther's life.

Our lives are like that, too. It may not be so obvious in the moment. But in the end, when our life and story conclude, we will see that he was there the whole time, we will have that aha moment, we will see and we will know and we will be known. So it is in human history itself. When it concludes, we will see that God was at work through it all. It'll be like no other aha moment the world has ever known. When we see the kingdom of God fully arrived. Until then, we can live with that aha moment in mind. That's what living by faith is. It's trusting in God, even when it doesn't seem like he's here. And it's not obvious that he's at work. That's why we come to the Word of God every day. Esther and the prophets are reminding us that there is an aha coming. If we pay close attention, and we look at the word carefully, we can see glimpses of what he's up to. Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen. It gives us assurance about things we cannot see. God is at work. His hand is all over your story. Right there in the thick of it. It's hard to see sometimes hard to recognize most times. But at the story's conclusion, it's one giant Aha, of course, God, you are with me all the time. You never let me go. Live with this perspective today. But there's an aha coming. Hold closely to the word to the living word. Let it drive you to the living word. Until that day comes. And that's the prayer that I have for my own soul. That's a prayer that I have for my family for my wife, my daughters, my son. That's a prayer that I have for you. May it be so