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Nov. 6, 2021

Daily Radio Bible - November 6th, 21

Daily Radio Bible - November 6th, 21

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

This journey into God, that provided you with forgiveness of sins, that gave you a joyful and grateful spirit, that made you a caring and generous person – that journey began by faith.  When you woke up to the gift that God has given you in Christ, and the truth of who you now have become. None of that happened by trying to become a good law keeper.

These dear people in Galatia are being told that they must become circumcised and become converts to Judaism.  They are being instructed to follow all the laws of Moses, the dietary laws, the dates, the deeds.  All of it would be necessary if they wanted to be counted among God’s people. They were being told that Jesus was, in effect, a kind of ‘first step’ to this new life and community.  As Jewish converts, they would have to take the next step and be circumcised, obey the dietary laws, observe the dates and all the deeds. It’s out of these pressures that Paul is urging them not to trade their freedom for chains, and the blessing of life for the curse of the law.  Paul is saying that Jesus is the first and only step.

The law was never meant to make us right with God.  The law was given to come alongside of us and convince our hearts of our need for redemption and the Savior.  It’s there to point us to the Cross. God’s self-giving, radically forgiving co- suffering love.  It’s faith in what he has done, and what we have become.  That’s where the joy is.  

That is Paul’s plea, not only to the Galatians but to you and me. What God has done for you in Christ, does it all and says it all.   Paul wants us to keep our eyes fixed Christ, not on ourselves.  Looking outward and upward.