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May 5, 2022

Daily Radio Bible - May 5th, 22

Daily Radio Bible - May 5th, 22

Day 125: A NEW HEART Today’s readings are II Samuel 11 -12,  Psalm 51, and Matthew 23


Today’s readings are II Samuel 11 -12,  Psalm 51, and Matthew 23

Shakespeare, in his play, Hamlet, said, ….the play's the thing wherein I'll catch the conscience of the King.

A story, whether told in the form of a play, or face to face, is powerful.  And it was a story told by the prophet Nathan, hat captured the heart and conscience of King David.   The story was of a rich man’s cruel treatment of a poor man and his little lamb. The rich man broke trust and took what wasn’t his.  He conspired, and killed, and covered it up. All these things that were part of the story Nathan told, and all were lived out in David’s life.  He broke trust with his faithful servant, Uriah, taking what wasn’t his and then conspired, killed and attempted to cover it up.

It was Nathan’s story that exposed David’s heart, not only to those listening, but more importantly, to David himself.  He saw himself for who he was; a cruel thief, adulterer and murderer. He saw all of it and he knew that he had sinned against God.  He had despised the Word of the Lord.  That’s what we’re told, repeatedly, in this story.

Why, then, have you despised the word of the LORD and done this horrible deed? (II Sam 12:9 NLT)

God’s Word, in this moment, is not just some written dictation found in a book. God’s word, in this moment is God, God’s presence, God’s anointing, and blessing. All that God had been and done for David, was despised by David. David, lived as if he was separate from God, he despised his union with God. David knew of this anointing, this union, and yet he cast it aside as if it were nothing. and  he indulged himself, in lust and murder.  When we dispise the union we have with God, we are capable of great cruelty.  

But this story shows us that, even though we can deny and despise our union with God, God will not despise or deny us. He will discipline us, but his discipline is not retributive, it is restorative, he will not abandon or reject us. No he sends a prophet to restore us. 

In Psalm 51 we hear him pray and beseech God to restore his heart, to make it new, to make it right again. 


Even though we despise his Word, his discipline and even his wrath is a work of restoration, he draws us back to himself.  

Let’s the word of God restore, renew heal you and make you new. You may have denied your union with God, but God has not denied his union with you. He has sent his word to restore you, and make you whole.