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Jan. 6, 2022

Daily Radio Bible - January 7th, 22

Daily Radio Bible - January 7th, 22

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

God has a plan. John is sitting in prison, waiting to die. Maybe he's feeling forgotten and overlooked. He's been obedient. He's been zealous. He's done everything God's asked him to do. He's held up his end of the bargain. He's been on a mission. And now he wants to know what the plan is. Maybe he's hearing stories of Jesus healing the Gentile soldier raising people from the dead. And if that's true, maybe he wants to know why he's sitting there in a dungeon. Why isn't God doing something? Why isn't he bailing him out? Why isn't God showing up? What's the plan? Are you the plan Jesus? That's what he wants to know. So he sends some friends to ask the question, and Jesus answer comes back with a resounding yes.

John's friends report back to him. The blind see, lepers are healed, the deaf hear the dead a race to life. The good news is being preached to the poor. In other words, Jesus is saying, yes, I've got a plan. I am the plan. This is what the plan looks like. God blesses those who don't turn away from me, turning their back in disbelief, those who turn away from from the truth, and insist on believing the lie about God. That he is not for us, that he is somehow vindictive or petty towards us, that he is unconcerned about us, that he's holding back from us. See, that's the lie. We're called to hold on to the truth, once we've seen it. And the truth about God is seen completely in the face of Jesus. He has revealed to us what God is like, God is not vindictive, he's not against us, or unconcerned. He's not withholding from us. No, he is with us. He is abiding and forgiving and giving and loving us deeply. He's liberating us. He's,  opening eyes of the blind. He's cleansing the leper. He's opening the ears of the deaf. He is raising people to new life. That's the truth. When God reveals Himself to us, we must see the truth of who he is and who we are because of him, and not turn away from Him. He is the plan for mending this broken world, He is the plan for mending your broken world, your broken heart. He's playing for you. Trust Him. Have you experienced God's love? Have you seen a glimpse of who he is in Jesus? Trust him. Don't let your circumstance dissuade you from believing in Him.

This woman barges into the tax collectors house isn't letting her circumstances divert her from the plan of God. That plan is Jesus. She's not letting her ego or her pride stand in the way of seeing him. Because of what he has done for her. Her eyes have been fixed on him, because her eyes were opened to who she really is. She sees that she is forgiven, that she is known that she is loved, that she's embraced. And so she won't let anything stand in the way of holding to this truth. Living in the joy of this truth being set free by this one who is true.

And the prayer my own heart today is that I will have eyes lacquers that will fix my eyes on God's plan. His name is Jesus that I will see in him all that there is to see of God. And all that there is to know about who I really am, that I'll be set free. And then I'll know his joy. That's the prayer that I have for myself. That's the prayer that I have for my family for my wife and my daughters and my son. And that's the prayer that I have for you. Maybe so.