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Jan. 19, 2022

Daily Radio Bible - January 19th, 22

Daily Radio Bible - January 19th, 22

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

Week Two Reflections with Hunter 

Do You See It?

Genesis 47-48; Psalms 10 and Luke 19. We are reading through the New Living Translation.

Do you see it?  Two of the three servants described in this parable saw it.  They saw a gift and an opportunity.  They were chosen by the king to steward his riches.  They had no riches of their own. They had the opportunity to be made wealthy by someone else’s wealth. They would be honored by the king and that honor would be multiplied, simply by investing money that wasn’t even theirs.  They harvested riches where they did not plant. They were given cities that they had no hand in building or growing.

That is the kind of king we serve.  He is a generous and loving.  So much so, that he blesses us with things that we haven’t earned and don’t deserve. He has chosen us to invest his riches and then he multiplies our honor even beyond that.  What a good generous kind and loving king.  Two of the three servants saw it.  Zaccheus, the disciples, and some notorious sinners saw it.  


But one servant of the king, saw the complete opposite.  He got it completely wrong.

His response to the generous king was:

“‘Master, I hid your money and kept it safe.  I was afraid because you are a hard man to deal with, taking what isn’t yours and harvesting crops you didn’t plant.’” (Luke 19:21)

This guy is deceived about who the master is, what the Master’s heart is like, and who he himself is.  He has forgotten that he is a servant, that he has nothing, and that he has a responsibility to the king.  That’s his role, that’s who he is.  He has forgotten his identity.  Apart from the king, he has no riches or honor.  He has forgotten this,  and missed the loving, generous heart of the king.

Our King wants to reward, honor, and multiply his blessing upon us, his people, who have nothing apart from him

May we invest your loving king’s riches, and see the honor in doing it. May we find our identity in Him.