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Jan. 12, 2022

Daily Radio Bible - January 12th, 22

Daily Radio Bible - January 12th, 22

Daily Radio Bible Podcast

Where are You Looking?

Genesis 29 - 30 and Luke 12

Whose blessing will you see and receive, God’s or yours?  Will you force things and be a fool, demand things and be deceived, or will you rest and trust, receive and believe?  Whose blessing will you receive?  

Blessing doesn’t come from our hands.  The rich fool learned that the hard way.  Blessing comes from God.  We receive his blessing by resting, trusting, and believing that it comes from him - in his time and in his way.  If we don’t, it seems we are destined to demand it from ourselves and others,  And they cannot give it to us, and we cannot give ourselves what we need.  It is like the rich ruler who built barn after barn, thinking this was getting him somewhere.  In the end, he died and left those riches to some unknown person.  And Jesus says that he was a fool.  

We see the same thing with God’s people, in the example today of Rebekah, Rachel and Jacob.  Amidst all their struggling and demanding, they finally found the blessing.  But it didn’t come through their striving or struggling or their own manipulation.  The blessing and gift they desired came from the hand of God, and God alone.  He is the one who opened a womb and gave them their inheritance. 

He alone is the one who offers  the blessing that we desire and need in this life.  And this blessing looks like a rich relationship with God, in the end.  That’s what we’re told by Jesus himself, here in Luke 12:2l.

Yes, a person is a fool to store up earthly wealth but not have a rich relationship with God.

God’s blessing always looks like a rich relationship with God.  We will find our truest riches, and the blessing we desire, in a relationship with God.  The blessing comes from his hand.  If we don’t receive our blessing from God we will demand it from some person or place.  And that will leave us barren in the end - a fool when it’s done. The blessing of His presence comes when we rest in him, believing and trusting that he does loves us far more than his attention and care for a flock, or sparrows, or ravens, or lilies of the field.  Then we are rich and fruitful.  

At whose hand are you seeking your blessing - from your own or some other person? Or will you seek your blessing from him, trusting him and his love for you?  If you do, your blessing will look like a rich relationship with God?

Seek his blessing by faith.  Rest in the deep deep love of Jesus, who has always loved you so well.