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Feb. 3, 2022

Daily Radio Bible - February 3rd, 22

Daily Radio Bible - February 3rd, 22

Day 34, Season 8

Week Four Reflections with Hunter

Today's Devotional. 
He is Impartial.  His Life is for Everyone.

Exodus 35-36 and Acts 10. We are reading from the New Living Translation.

Jesus’ message of life is impartial and it’s falling on everyone, regardless of nationality, political affiliation, race or gender.  It doesn’t matter. The Spirit of God is coming to re-inhabit all who look to Christ, trust in his atoning work on the cross, and receive his resurrection life now.  The Spirit puts God in the man.  That’s the message Peter was given. 

Cornelius was a good man but he was a broken man. His goodness came from his awareness of his brokenness.  He knew that he was no better than those people he was sent to rule over. He knew he was in need of God.  As good as he was, and as much as he feared God, he was just as capable of getting it wrong, as the next guy.  As soon as Peter walked in the door, this good man was ready to fall down and worship Peter.

Good people are falling down and worshiping the wrong things all the time. But God is sending his people -  the church -  to good people everywhere, because all our goodness can’t deliver us from falling down and worshiping the wrong things. The answer for all people, is to be made new.  That was Peter’s message.  

When we are faithful witnesses to this message, the Holy Spirit authorizes this message of life, by pouring out his life on all who will receive it.  Good people are made new by the power of the resurrection, the power of Christ in them.

Be renewed in this message of Christ in you, today.  As you walk in the liberating power of this message, the Spirit of God will arrange your days in spectacular fashion, even during the mundane moments, like waiting for lunch, as Peter was.  Walk in His transforming power.  He is the One who makes good people new people, broken people healed people, unclean people clean people, and dead people alive.  That’s the Gospel and it’s for everyone.  Even me and you.  Walk in the Spirit. Abide in him and he will abide in you.  He may take a seemingly mundane moment and prompt you to pray for a person.  Whatever appointment God has for you, be ready to respond to God.  Walk in newness of life.  God takes broken people and heals them and makes them new.  He will do that for you.

He’s impartial.  His message is falling on everyone.  You never know what miracle might be on it’s way.