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Feb. 17, 2022

Daily Radio Bible - February 17th, 22

Daily Radio Bible - February 17th, 22

Does it Make Sense?: Day 49: Season 8:

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Let Your Endurance Grow

Number 3-4 and Acts 25. We are reading through the NLT.

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Does it Make Sense?

Numbers 3 - 4 and Acts 25

Felix says it makes no sense, here at the end of this reading.

For it makes no sense to send a prisoner to the emperor without specifying the charges against him! (Acts 25:27 NLT)

This whole thing makes no sense to Felix.  He tries to explain the whole thing to Agrippa and all he can come up with is that it’s something about their religion and a dead man named Jesus, who Paul insists is alive.  It makes no sense to him

Religion about a dead man doesn’t make sense.  Why would someone be on trial, risk their life, and suffer for a dead man, and a dead religion? It does not make sense.  He’s right about that.  Paul would have agreed with him. Paul was right where they’re at.  Paul thought that this religion about Jesus whom he thought was dead, made no sense, was dangerous and was a threat to his religion.  It didn’t make sense until he met the man who wasn’t dead but was alive.  It was when he was knocked off his horse and his blind eyes were opened.  Then he saw that this was not about a dead man. This was about a man that had been raised from the dead and who is alive.

When we encounter the living Christ, then it all makes sense. Giving one’s life away makes sense.  When we no longer live as though we are the king and realize that he is the king, then it all makes sense. 

Does it make sense to you? Have you encountered the living Christ? Have you stepped off your throne in order to worship him who seats on the throne?  Are you living as if Christ is alive or are you living as if this is just some dead religion that simply honors a dead man?

It will only make sense when we encounter the living Christ and his life living in and through us.  The sufferings of life, the purpose of life, is only going to make sense if we know him

Know him, and his resurrection life.  Then and only then will it make sense.