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Feb. 16, 2022

Daily Radio Bible - February 16th, 22

Daily Radio Bible - February 16th, 22

Day 47: Season 8: Be Encouraged!

Be Encouraged!

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Leviticus 26 - 27 and Acts 23

Paul is suffering.  It seems that this is his destiny from the very beginning, from the very first moment he was knocked off his horse on the way to Damascus. It was told by none other than Jesus himself, that this Saul of Tarsus would become Paul, and that he would suffer much for Christ’s sake.  He would appear before kings, Gentiles and Jews alike.  That was his destiny.  suffering.  Over and over again we see him suffering. 


But God didn’t just say, you’re going to suffer a lot, Paul,  and then leave it at that.  No.  With this proclamation came a prescription - He was going to see Jesus with great clarity.  In fact, we’re told that scales came off of his eyes.  He had a vision of Jesus.  This clear vision of Jesus was to be the prescription for the suffering that he would encounter all through his life.  It was the power that moved him into his destiny, day after day, whether he was in jail or alongside those he loved.  The prescription and the power was a vision of Jesus.  Time and time again the Lord renews Paul’s vision by enabling him to see Jesus in the midst of his suffering.  After being arrested, alone and falsely accused, under threat of murder by a plot of assasins - in the midst of all this, the Lord appears to Paul.  The word that Jesus speaks to Paul at this dark moment is this -