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Aug. 6, 2022

Daily Radio Bible - August 6th, 22

Daily Radio Bible - August 6th, 22

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We are reading through he New Living Translation. 

Follow Today's reading: Zephaniah 1-3; John 9


Today’s readings are Zephaniah 1 – 3, John 9.  We are reading from the New Living Translation.

Perhaps one of the most recognizable lines in any song ever written is the line in the hymn, Amazing Grace:  ‘was blind but now I see.  After reading John 9, I want to sing, born blind, but now I see.  This chapter begins with a question that the disciples are asking Jesus.  They see a blind man and they want to know who sinned.  This was the common thought then, that physical ailments somehow indicated that you were reaping the consequences of your own sin, or that of your parents or ancestors.  But Jesus says, No, that’s not the case.  This isn’t because he or his parents sinned.  

This happened so the power of God could be seen in him. (Jn 9:3 NLT)  

What then was God to do, with a human race that is incapable of seeing?  God being good, came in person, to shine his light into our darkness, that’s what he has done.  The light of the world is standing in front of a blind man, and he takes the dust of the earth, and spits on it and rubs it into his eyes, and remakes what was once incapable of sight.  God’s power was now evident in this healing, and we have every indication from this short story, that this man truly saw the light.  

The light of the world has come.  And yet there is a lot that keeps us in hte dark, lies continue to imprison us in darkness.  Lies about God, that he is distant and angry waiting to strike all those walking in darkness dead.  Ready to judge you, or your parents, or your past. Ready to make an example of you.  We are blinded to the true nature of God. our religion can even keep us in the dark to who  he truly is, or what he has done.  And yet the light is still shining in the darkness.  Are you tired of the darkness?  Then let jesus open your eyes to who God really is, and who you already truly are in him.  Let him show you your true value.  

The good news is that God does not leave us in our blindness.  

God’s power is seen through the life of a blind man. This is a great paradox.  Only the blind truly see.  That’s the mystery of grace.  We can’t see God’s power in us, unless we recognize our own powerlessness, and attempts at self-salvation.  If we cling to our own self-justification, or the law of Moses, as these Pharisees who claimed that they were disciples of Moses, did – then, in the end, Moses himself will be the one to condemn us. If we try to live by the law we will die by the law because the law will render us guilty.  We have all sinned and fall far short of the glory of God. We’re all born blind, as it were. But if we acknowledge that we were born blind – that we need God’s power – then God’s power can be seen in us.  Our eyes will be opened. Like this blind man did,  we will see the Light of the World – Jesus – standing right in front of us, saying these words:

Then Jesus told him,“I entered this world to render judgment—to give sight to the blind and to show those who think they see that they are blind.” (Jn 9:39 NLT)

Only the blind can truly see. Those that think they see are condemned to a life of blindness. But for those who recognize their need for God – who allow Jesus to make some mud, as if he were creating something brand new, and cover our eyes with it – those people will be made new, and they will see. They will have a song in their heart that will go something like this:  

Amazing grace!  How sweet the sound  

That saved a wretch like me!

 I once was lost, but now am found; 

Was blind, but now I see

Live in the light. Come to him each day and hear his voice, just as the blind man did. Respond and follow, worshipping him, and declaring to everyone that you are his follower, too.  Then you will know the joy and power of Christ in you.