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Aug. 16, 2022

Daily Radio Bible - August 16, 22

Daily Radio Bible - August 16, 22

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We are reading through the New Living Translation. 

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Follow Today's reading Jeremiah 23,25; John 19


 Lift Up the Cup

Today’s readings are Jeremiah 23, 25 and John 19.  We are reading from the New Living Translation.

Jeremiah is told by God to take a cup to the nations and make them drink from it – the cup of God’s wrath.  He’s told to take this cup of God’s anger to all nations empires of the world and make them drink the cup of God’s wrath.   The other cup we read about today is in John. John describes a different cup of wrath, the sensless wrath of the crowd, the cold wrath of religion, the merciless wrath of empire.  And to everyones surprise, God willingly drinks from this cup.  He absorbed in himself all the evil in the world, all the darkness, all the hatred,  in order to vanquish this, and every other kind of evil, and even  death itself. He took it all upon himself, and he ovecomes it by his love.   But on the third day, he would And drag humanity with him through the otherside of death and into his life.   

  He rested in a tomb – resting from his work –  having reconciled us through his death.  But the story isn’t over.  It doesn’t end here, because Sunday is coming.  On Sunday came another cup – the cup of salvation.  

This second cup that Jesus willingly drinks is for you and me.  In it we are offered life!  He said, If I be lifted up, I will draw all humanity to himself.  Out of love he has drawn us in, to the life he shares with his father and the Spirit.   We are reconciled by his death – saved by his Life. It’s a story of two cups: He drinks the cup, and gives us life.    Hallelujah.

Lift up that cup, in thanks and praise.  Live in the light of what’s been done for you – and may you know the joy of it!